Jun 1, 2016

My laughing gas :'(


This is afrina. The middle one. She is the brightest girl iv ever met. Her laugh is so contagious. Her smile is so lovely and adorable.

She can be the most nicest person and cruel at the same time. She has the best sense of humour. Haha how i miss u. 

Afrina. You will be missed. You are the person i feel comfortable with whenever i feel like want to talk to someone at midnight.

I may not know what uv been through completely since im not talking much to you lately. But i can sense them from those eyes. It is okay. Everything will be okay at the end. Keep your faith and dont forget to always pray. No matter what.

Whatever it is, i really hope youre doing well in ur new school. Im truly sure ull adapt easily since u r an easygoing person :)

Thanks for everything, 
May our friendship last long. 


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