Jun 8, 2017

Short devotion

hi. Im going to tell a really short story.

Its his hair that he hid under his cap. His tanned skin and broad shoulder. His somehow muscular body. His gaze. His smile. His laugh. His tone. His voice. He never realized all those little things he done really drive someone crazy. He made her heart flutters every single  sec he walks past. His absence really makes her headrt go uneasy.

And the most of all, his personality that makes his outshines all human being. His maturity. Hes so ambitious. His efforts.

What her noticed in his smile is; theres always something behind it. Its like hes in pain. But never really show it. Theres a secret behind it. A story. She wanted to know. Every details. She wanted to hear his story. She wanted to know more,about him. She wanted to stay all night long listening to it. She wanted to tell him that she cares. She wanted him to know that hes all that matters to her. She wanted him to know that hes all he wanted. She wanted him to know that hes worth it. Hes worth of all the universe could ask for. She just really wanted to tell him. She tells the moon every night that do the stars know his story too ? Did he love the sky as much as she does ?

But the sky's dark. It wont tell a hint. It didn't called upon any rainbow. Nor it wishper to the lightning. It just stays there. As the girl got really confused. What's its all about. She wondered all day long. She waited for the rainbow. But it didint appear. So she talked to the moon about how she feels about it. Its okay . She could wait.

She watched the sky again.
Its so beautiful. How she adored it. For such a long time, and still do. She missed the colors. That can be so  pleasing. That by only the hint of it can give an ease to her.
She loves to stare at it. But shes afraid of the lightning that could strike. So she didnt stare much .

The days went by. She stood by the window. Trapped in her room. She couldnt see the sky anymore. She was trapped. Her day went gloomy and colorless. No fresh air and strong breeze.

She just missed the sky so much. It kills her. She missed how she used to stare at it. How the it looks. She tried to remember it everyday. So she wouldnt't forget how it looks.

Some days she cried beacuse she missed the sky too much. But nothing she could ever do better. She just sit there. Hoping that the sky's is beautiful as it always do.

Because she was trapped in the room with no keys. With no door. Just the window sill.

Even if missing the sky really hurts her heart, she continuing on loving it. Without knowing the day she could go out of the room and watch the sky again.

But someday, maybe someday she will find her way out. And tell the sky how much she missed it.

She hoped she didnt lose it again.

-The End-

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